Every 3 seconds a girl, some as young as 7 years old, becomes a child bride. Robbed of their choice and voice child brides often face a bleak future, but together we can change that.

Our sustainable shoes are handmade in Zimbabwe by women who survived child marriage and 100% of profits go to efforts to end child marriage such as supporting at risk girls' education. By employing, educating and empowering child marriage survivors and girls, Rated 18 Shoes aims to provide a platform that helps them take back their power.

Being an ethical brand that brings about positive real impact isn't just something we do on the side - it's the reason we exist, it's what drives us, and it's who we are.

Ethically Made

Being an ethical fashion brand has become a must in today's world (and rightfully so) but what is rather interesting when it comes to Rated 18 is that our why, which is empowering child marriage survivors, came long before the how, which ended up being fashion; and by choosing fashion as our conduit for changing lives it meant being an ethical and sustainable brand started encompassing many other aspects too. As a small business we aren't able to cover every single facet of sustainability that exists but we make a conscious effort to ensure our operations and existence brings about positive change in as many ways as possible, and this is how we are doing our part to build a better world:


Our shoes are handmade in Zimbabwe with locally sources upcycled tire soles, hand printed cotton fabric and susainable leather which is a by-product of Zimbabwe's robust agriculture sector.


We don't phase out designs just because the seaon has changed, our collections remain available year round and are made in small batches so nothing we make goes to waste


Our shoes are handmade, from start to finish, with the only energy consumed being for lighting, the sewing machine and the heating which are powered by solar energy and a small  LP gas canister.