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Every 3 seconds a girl, some as young as 7 years old, becomes a child bride. Robbed of their choice and voice child brides often face a bleak future, but together we can change that.

Our shoes are handmade in Zimbabwe by women who survived child marriage and over 50% of profits are invested in at risk girls' education. By employing, educating and empowering child marriage survivors, Rated 18 Shoes aims to provide a platform that helps survivors take back their power. 

Being an ethical brand that brings about positive social change isn't just something we do on the side - it's the reason we exist, it's what drives us, and it's who we are.



Transform each child bride's story into an instrument for her empowerment.



Employ, Educate and Empower 18 million survivors of child marriage by 2050.



Sustainable Empowerment  |  Quality  |  Community  |  Integrity

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