Every Pair Counts

Every Pair Counts

Every 3 seconds a girl becomes a child bride, and through sustainable fashion we're helping them take back their power.

Our impact (read your impact because we can't do what we do without you) can be summed up by Rated 18's three E's - Employment, Education and Empowerment.

Rated 18's shoes are hand crafted by women who survived child marriage and we pay them above market wage rates. By training and employing survivors, they are able to learn new skills and take care of themselves and their families, things we have learnt are huge priorities for women who have already been subjected to child marriage.
At least 50% of profits go to educational initiatives such as paying school fees for at risk girls and survivors who want to return to school. A major factor that drives child marriage is limited access to education, and while we aim to empower child marriage survivors we also want our work to stop it from happening in the first place.
This is intertwined with the first two and focuses on empowering survivors inside and outside our workplace by supporting their personal and professional development. One of our main goals around this pillar is to one day build an innovation hub where child marriage survivors and at-risk girls can access resources like career guidance, mentorship, counselling and the internet with the aim uplifting them to achieve their full potential and pursue their dreams.

So how can you be part of the movement and join Rated 18 Shoes in its fight against Child Marriage?

1. Shop

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Every pair has the potential to change the lives of generations!

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